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In 2024 the International Committee for Coal and Organic Petrology will be holding its 75th Meeting in Oviedo. This is an extraordinary opportunity to meet and celebrate and to think on the challenges of Organic Petrology in the forthcoming years. Spain has hosted the ICCP meetings six times. The first three in the 60s were held in Madrid and the next three in Oviedo. The city will be dressed in its best clothes right after the patronal feast of St Matthew finishing the 21st of September. An additional attraction is that Oviedo has been elected as Spanish Capital of Gastronomy for 2024. Therefore, during your stay, you will have the chance to taste many of the delicacies that have made Oviedo deserving this honour. At the time of writing this note the COP28 has finally found an agreement on the “transition away from fossil fuels” and therefore, the Meeting will be a good opportunity to reflect on the Theme:

Organic Petrology Research and Applications for the 21st Century

The Meeting is organized by the Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología del Carbono (INCAR-CSIC) together with the Institutional Delegation of CSIC in Asturias and will take place downtown in the building of the Chamber of Commerce of Oviedo which is also the venue of the CSIC Institutional Delegation in Asturias. The daytime is still long in September, the weather is typically mild and we will have the opportunity to visit the pre-Romanesque (IX Century) Monuments in Mount Naranco designated as UNESCO Heritage Sites and a field trip to see some of the Formations responsible for the relief of the Cantabrian Mountains, which are also rich in organic matter.

Within this framework the Organizing Committee is having the pleasure to host the 75th ICCP Meeting and is preparing a Commemorative Book to remember this date to which every member can contribute with his/her experience about the organization. This will be a unique forum to interact in a week-long meeting to discuss and exchange ideas, and thus contributing to the future of Organic Petrology.


Organizing Committee

ICCP Members

Chair: Dr. Angeles G. Borrego
Prof. Dr. Rosa Menéndez
Dr. Diego Álvarez

CSIC Local Team

Carmen Niembro
Olaya Rozada
Ana Vallejo
Concha Prieto Alas
Juliana Sánchez Villar

Cámara Oviedo Team

Fernando Villabella
Susana Estébanez Sierra
Sonia Fernández Castillo
Juan Carlos Bueno

U. Oviedo Team

Dr. Oscar Merino
Dr. Luis Pedro Fernández
Dr. Juan Ramón Bahamonde

Oviedo - Asturias - Spain

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75th ICCP Meeting

Special Commemorative

Many of you have received specific invitations to participate in different sections of the Commemorative Book on the occasion of the celebration of the 75th ICCP Meeting. The Organizing Committee really appreciates the good reception of the book. There is a predecessor in the 50th Commemorative Book that has been an opportunity to summarize the historical development of the organization until that date.

In addition to the dedicated chapters there will be a section to compile thoughts and feelings of the Membership which is open to every member. This contribution will have a format similar to a visiting book with a brief text and the name, affiliation and country of the member.

Please send your contributions to iccp24.oviedo@incar.csic.es with the subject Special Commemorative volume 75th ICCP Meeting. The dead line for contributions will be the end of May.


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